When I began working with Eliza about 16 months ago, I was overweight, unfit, anxious, and
stressed beyond belief as a working mother of three young kids. Coaching with Eliza was a
totally different approach and has been life changing. Eliza was tuned in to the nutritive
needs of my body, mind and soul. Eliza’s knowledge around nutrition is extensive and her
practical, reality based approach makes it easy to integrate her recommendations into real
life. This is not a one-size-fits-all model to health and wellness; she appreciates the principles
of bio individuality and took the time to learn (and more importantly, help me learn) what
works for my body, lifestyle and workout program. With a balance of unfailing support and a
straightforward no-nonsense approach, she has helped me step out of my comfort zone,
acknowledge where I was letting myself fail and inspired me to take control of my health and
wellness to achieve a level of weight loss, fitness and emotional wellness that I had not
imagined possible: I have released over 60lbs and 6 pants sizes and have literally changed the
shape of my body; I have all but freed myself from anxiety and have grown and developed
many relationships because I am no longer hiding inside myself.