BEST COACH EVER!!! My goal was to lose all of the weight I had gained from my pregnancy. I needed to lose those last dreadful 5-10 lbs and I felt that I was at a standstill. The knowledge, passion, patience and encouragement Eliza poured into me is honestly nothing like I have ever received from any other facility or trainer. I ask A LOT of questions and she never once made me feel like my questions were silly. She never once hesitated to jump on the phone and walk me through whatever challenge I was facing at that time. One thing I loved the best about Eliza is her ability to teach. She has taught me that it is ok to have a cheat meal and not to feel the guilt. She has taught me its all about balance 80/20. She has taught me how to properly hit my macros, or given me delicious new recipes! I can proudly say that with the help from Eliza I hit my goal!