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PNOE is a mobile metabolic assessment device.



As the next logical step in advancing fitness and nutritional coaching, we are proud to begin offering metabolic assessment services to our clients and local fitness facilities in our area powered by PNOE.

Instead of coaching you using assumptions about you and your fitness, why wouldn’t we want to ask your body to tell us what it needs.  We can do this now.  If you are a health client, weight loss client, or performance based client, we have test protocols that can help to support your goals, and because the device is mobile, the options for how it can be used are endless.



  • RMR

    Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) or energy burned at rest burned per day.

  • Substrate Utilization

    Determine whether you are a carbohydrate burner or an efficient fat burner both at rest and under load.

  • Recovery

    Determine if recovery rates are not keeping up with exercise and nutrition.

  • Metabolic Efficiency

    Train your body to burn more fat at rest and during exercise with direct confirmation with data.

  • VT, VT2, and VO2 Max and MAF

    Identify effective training zones based on more than just heart rate alone using measured MAF (Maximum Aerobic Function).


Pricing Table is below:

Initial Assessment

$ 100

Follow-up Assessment

$ 75

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