Why get health coaching?

It’s both a blessing and a curse, to live in the Information Age, where data for all different types of nutrition genre’s are out there for you to access. Yet, the obesity and metabolic disease epidemic is still rapidly growing. How many diets have you tried?  Did you achieve your goal?  Were the results long term?

We went through our own journey and transformation (which lead to coaching), in which we realized that for long term success, your mindset and habits must be addressed.

Everyone is looking for the right food and how much to eat for them, we’ve been there and the interest is a good thing, but it’s also easy to fall for all the shiny objects and miss the most important part.  Any diet can help you loose weight, because the diet that works is the one that you can do consistently.

Are environmental toxins and diseases to blame?  These certainly contribute to the challenge of weight loss, but in coaching we find that the real struggle lies in the “how”, and not necessarily the “what” of nutrition. It’s the habits and systems that people struggle with and not what food to eat. Proper mindset and consistency is king.

One of the main problems with diets are that they don’t work long term, primarily because they have rules.  Most people can follow those strict rules, but only for a short period of time. Once rules are broken, we find this is where most people fall off the wagon.  When they operate outside of the strict rules, there is a tendency to lose control.  We don’t like to use strict rules for most clients because of this.  Rules don’t train you for circumstances on how to recover from a bad day, and let’s just face it, we all have bad days, and it’s ok.

With other online programs access to a professional to provide some guidance is hard, as these programs are often associated with large social media page, with hundreds of members where your questions and problems are drowned out by other posts and comments.  What do you get when you coach with us? …with your commitment and participation, long term results.  Our coaching centers around mindset, habits, and behaviors as well as fitness and nutrition.  Addressing your habits and behaviors sometimes requires a deep dive into self discovery before change can occur.  This is why it’s helpful to have a coach to minimize the time spent in this early phase.

Are you a busy professional who doesn’t have time for lots of phone calls and in-person meetings?  We have the program for you!  If you need more direct 1:1 help; we have a program for you.

So if you’re interested in seeing what we can do for you, CLICK HERE and set up a free consult to let us know more about you and what your specific challenges are.  Perhaps together we can achieve great things!


We build our legacy by helping others incorporate positive lifestyle changes so that they can focus on building theirs

-Jason Hale

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